The Sitpack Story

Our mission is to create a revolution in the world of portable seating by manufacturing the world’s most compact foldable seat. The key to the aesthetics of the Sitpack™ is to make something quite complicated so simple. The objective of Sitpack™ is to revolutionize human experience by freeing people from what is seen as restrictive and impracticable… Sitpack™ creates the perfect bridge between an active lifestyle and resting-on-the-go!

Sitpack™ is an innovative, modern and distinct brand. We always aim to inspire, motivate and show people that creativity has no boundaries or restrictions. We pride ourselves in crafting ingenious and revolutionary design products with real-life usefulness.

Feel free… #sitpackandrelax anywhere.

Construction Process

To create the Sitpack™, we had to reinvent a whole new way to make a collapsible product.

We figured that the reason why any telescopic pod, mono or tripod has a limit to their collapsed size is due to the locking mechanisms. To solve this problem, we included the locking mechanisms inside the tube itself.

We ended up with a really cool molding technique, that still permitted inner geometries. Sitpack™ is exclusively created with injection-molded parts, which permit high quality production, with complex geometries.

The collapsible feature made strength and stability a challenge. Creating a demanding product like Sitpack from polymer requires advanced calculations and stress analyses to ensure that shrinkage, polymer warping, creep and relaxation will not become issues.

Sitpack with a clear conscience

Sitpack™ is sustainably designed and proudly produced in Denmark.

Through careful consideration for the ecosystem, Sitpack™ is passionately committed to minimizing our environmental impact. We have established ambitious standards and we measure our actions against them. Sitpack is manufactured locally in Denmark, to keep the production quality high and our carbon footprint minimal.

Sitpack™ is constructed from a single material (excluding the foot) which makes Sitpack™ easy to recycle. In theory, we can granulate each Sitpack™ and reproduce brand new devices.