Introducing Sitpack

For the first time, ergonomic seating is portable, well designed and exceptionally functional

A colour to match your style

Available in 5 Sitpack™ colours.

Compact & Light

Sitpack™ easily fits in your backpack, drink holder, camera bag or pocket orcan be carried using the Sitpack™ carry case with shoulder strap.







Rest on the Go

Sitpack™ is the world’s most compact portable seat. Take it with you hiking, fishing, bird watching, sight seeing to concerts and events

Rain, Hail or Shine

Made of polycarbonate Sitpack™ is waterproof and durable.

Pop. Drop. Lock.

Pop open the Sitpack™. Drop the leg pulling the lowest part to its extreme. Turn the top slider and bottom at the same time in opposite direction to lock it. A sweet clicking sound will tell you are doing the right thing.